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R A Trading Ltd have been supplying soft drinks to the businesses of London for over 15 years.

Customer satisfaction and competitive prices are at the top of our agenda.

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We understand the importance of your business running smoothly. That's why our delivery times are suited around your needs. Read about some of our latest offers below to see how much you could save buying wholesale soft drinks from R A Trading Ltd.

  • Coke (1.5L) - £9.49

  • Red Bull (250ml) - £15.49

  • Fruit Shoots (300ml) - £8.99

  • Evian (1.5L) - £4.59

  • Volvic (50ml X 24) - £3.99

R A Trading specialise in the export of soft drinks and food from the United Kingdom. If you think a business partnership between your organisation and ourselves could help each other grow then get in touch with us today. With a rapidly growing portfolio of customers there has never been a better time to join us for your soft drinks exporting needs.


Specific delivery time? Special orders? No problem. We pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service every time. Contact us today for more information on out product range.

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Latest offers:

Exports and special orders

  • Fanta, Sprite, Dr Pepper and Lilt cans only £5.79

  • Ribena (50ml) - £6.49

  • Coke (2L) - £5.99

The latest offers on wholesale soft drinks from R A Trading Ltd